Miss Culture USA 2016

Miss Culture 2016 is Chance’ Gatoro.

Born and Raised in the Beautiful city of Goma I am the product of Congo. I moved to the United States when I was 11 years old after living in a refugee camp called Emvepi In Uganda for 3 years. “Education is freedom”, and I was determined to gain that freedom even if it meant walking 2 hours to school every morning, cleaning people’s homes to make enough money in order to pay for school supplies, I was willing to put my life in danger every morning walking to school just so I can be in a classroom for 3 hours. Since then, education has become my passion. When granted the opportunity to move to the United States. I took full advantage of the education system here. I graduated high school with honors and was accepted at Utah State University. After two years majoring in pre-law with a minor in Political Science at Utah State University I decided to transferred to the University to Washington to continue pursuing my education.

My passion for education is the reason I dedicated my platform to Educate the Future of CONGO. When I think about the root of the Crisis in my country, they all lead back to lack of education. Our young men are poorly educated so they become soldiers who rape our women because they don’t know any better. With the number of rapes going up we are left with 4,000,000 orphanages in our country. For these reason more then anything my Platform to educate the future of Congo is essential. After winning Miss Congo USA, Miss Black Utah and Miss Congo UN I was fortune enough to partner up with Global Outreach. The last three years we built a school and orphanage called Mango Tree School in Uvira. The school holds 300 students providing them with a place to stay and a quality education. This is just the beginning. I am competing for Miss Culture USA in hopes of continuing to expend The Mango Tree School. Get more of our children off the streets and into school. Quoting the all-powerful and Memorable Nelson Mandela, ” EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the World”.