Youth Leadership and Empowerment Initiative

Our mission is to support youth development and nurture future leaders. Since 2010, Therapeutic Interventions has established a sustainable, viable and credible network in the community with people from all over Africa with its outreach programs.

Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Youth Leadership Initiative is a platform that provides leadership opportunities, educational programs, and resources that give participants a place to nurture and empower youth will showcasing their leadership abilities, talents, character, ethical and moral values, intelligence, integrity, and diversity.

The goal of these various programs is to provide youth with the skills, leadership abilities, character, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the emerging international and global market. and inspiration to be successful.  Therapeutic Interventions Inc. works with prominent educators, community leaders, and professionals to help give youth the motivation and inspiration to be successful in their ventures.

Each youth participating in the Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Youth  Leadership and Empowerment Program will take part in a developmental program that will: • Build positive self-image • Boost self-esteem • Encourage Entrepreneurship • Enrich leadership skills • Develop character and integrity.

Therapeutic Interventions Inc. produces Miss Culture USA. We also partner with various organizations such as Youth for Human Rights.
Therapeutic Interventions Inc. collaborated with Youth for Human Rights and brought 10 Delegates from 9 African Countries to their Youth for Human Rights Summit at the United Nations ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) Forum on July 5th thru July 7th 2018 in New York City.