Community Awareness

Therapeutic Interventions Inc in Washington, DC, offers community outreach programs designed to improve the lives of the members of the community and educate them. We take great pride in serving the community.

Artist Showcase

Our organization has created a platform for individuals to showcase their abilities. We help promote their work, and display them in our magazine. This is composed of an umbrella of different entities, such as Celebrity Talk TV, Kush Magazine, and Miss Intercontinental Africa USA Pageant.

Health and Wellness Awareness

Our founder has a background in the health field as a registered nurse, and enjoys educating the public about the importance of taking care of one self. We also offer training, ideal for athletes, entertainers, and musicians.

The Stop Ebola Campaign

The Stop Ebola Campaign is an initiative designed to help eradicate Ebola from affected countries and communities affected by the Ebola Epidemic.   The mission is to provide community awareness and resource to help combat this deadly disease. The vision of this initiative is to create a mechanism of various support systems available to affected countries and communities. This plan can happen immediately and over a long period of time.   The Stop Ebola Campaign will contribute to the eradication of this disease by conducting a task force that consists of medical professionals, counselors, and other members of the community that will provide services and solutions to the affected communities living in the Unites States and in affected countries in West Africa. The Task force will provide medical equipment; care packages; and supplies to the affected countries. For people living in the United States, education will be provided to families and friends to bring awareness and understanding of the disease.  Grievance counselor and support groups will also be available to provide support to affected families who had lost loved ones due to this disease. The goal is to provide all essential resources available to help stop this disease. We need all the help we can get to make this happen. I am looking to all interested organizations to help solve this problem.